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Information : Sale International : kritkettrachon@gmail.com (Kris) Office : flowautomech@gmail.com

Brand : TESCOM


Contact :
Head office :
26 Soi.Khubon40, Bangchan, Klongsamwa, Bangkok, 10510
Tel : +6629434813
Sale International : kritkettrachon@gmail.com (Kris)
NARISSALA   : (+66)65-727-7235
NARUEPHAT : (+66)65-051-5951


  • TESCOM 54-3500 Serie Two Stage Backpressure Regulator
    TESCOM 26-2300 Series Back pressure Regulator Hydraulic
    TESCOM SG3 Series Single Stage thailandRegulator high purity single-stage regulator for food and beverage
    TESCOM 54-2100 Series Back pressure Liquid Regulator Ideal for use in pump discharge pressure control, chemical injection
    TESCOM 44-1500 Serie จำหน่าย ราคาถูกPressure Regulator Pneumatic
    TESCOM 26-2700 Series Backpressure Control Regulator
    TESCOM 56 Series Regulator provides accurate flow control
    TESCOM 64-2600 Series ประเทศไทย นำเข้าElectronic Pressure Regulator
    TESCOM 12 Series Springless Threadless Pressure Regulator
    TESCOM 56-2000 Series Pressure Control Regulator
    54-2200 Series Pressure Regulator Hydraulic
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