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Product Description


General Purpose Pneumatic Cylinder
10A-6 Series 
DC7 Series 
10A-2 Series 
10A-3 Series 
7AL-3 Series

General Purpose Hydraulic Cylinder
35H-3 Series 
70H-8 Series 
100H-2 Series 
140H-8 Series 
140L-1 Series 
160H-1 Series 
210C-1 Series 
210H-3 Series

Hydraulic Control Equipment
CA Series 
Solenoid Valve 8C Series 
Inline Check Valve 8F Series

Cylinder with Brake
10B-6 Series

Pneumatic Cylinder with Safety Lock
10Z-3L Series
10A-6L Series

Low-Pressure Hydraulic Cylinder
10H-6 Series
10H-2 Series

Air Control Unit
P3NCA Series
P3NCB Series
P3NEA Series
P3NFA Series
P3NRA Series
P3NLA Series
TD08 Series 
TD18 Series 
TD28 Series
TC08 Series 
TC18 Series 
TC28 Series
TF08 Series 
TF18 Series 
TF28 Series
TM08 Series 
TM18 Series 
TM28 Series
TR08 Series 
TR18 Series 
TR28 Series
TL08 Series 
TL18 Series 
TL28 Series

SA2 Series 
PSA Series 
SA Series

Muffle Cleanner
MFC2 Series

Electric Gripper
ESG2 Series Comparable to the cost of pneumatic grippers!
ESG1 Series Setting the gripping force randomly from max.30% to 100%

Electric Actuator
NSA Series

Rod-less Cylinder
RL2 Series 
RL3 Series

Pneumatic Cylinder with Safety Lock
10S-6C Series Compact Air Cylinder with Free Position One-Way Mechanical Lock
10S-6REC Series Compact Air Cylinder with Free Position One-Way Mechanical Lock
7W-1L Series
TSL Series


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Please Contact : e-mail : flowautomech@gmail.com

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Please Contact : e-mail : flowautomech@gmail.com

Please Contact : e-mail : flowautomech@gmail.com

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